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25 Nis Cmt



Dharma Yoga with Yiannis Andritsos

We are meeting with our brother Yiannis over Zoom!

Dharma Yoga with Yiannis Andritsos
Dharma Yoga with Yiannis Andritsos

Saat ve Yer

25 Nis 2020 19:00 – 21:00



Etkinlik Hakkında

Yiannis Andritsos, one of the most beloved Dharma Yoga teachers all around the world, is ready to share his knowledge over Zoom! 

We will meet for a two-hour long Dharma Yoga practice that will recharge your system and rejuvenate the psychic channels during the times of isolation. 

25 April 2020, Saturday


Enrollment fee: 100₺ 

Notes about the class:

✅Open to all levels of practitioners. 

✅It will be in English, without translation.

✅It is important to log in to Zoom 15 minutes in advance in order to make any necessary adjustments for your device for an uninterrupted practice. 

Notes about enrollment:

❗️It is crucial that you reserve your spot with an active e-mail address and phone number you use. 

❗️Once you make a reservation, you will receive an e-mail with the bank transfer information. As soon as we receive the payment, your spot is reserved. 

❗️Cancellations by the attendees are not subject to refunds. 

❗️SUJALA / Dharma Yoga İstanbul students receive 10% discount. 

Yiannis Andritsos

Yiannis moved to New York from a small island in Greece in 2002. Upon arriving, without knowing anyone, or even how to speak English, Yiannis found his way to his Guru, Sri Dharma Mittra. In the presence of Dharma, Yiannis transformed his life and purified his body and mind, to reveal his true spirit. Under the constant guidance of daily sessions with Dharma for over 10 years, Yiannis Mukta Om, received transmission of the teachings of yoga. In 2013, after 10 years of devoted and dedicated daily practice, Yiannis Mukta Om, has been charged with sharing the teachings of Sri Dharma Mittra all over the world. A devoted practitioner of Self-Realization, as passed down to him directly from Sri Dharma Mittra, Yiannis Mukta Om, embodies the deep inner strength and playful nature of his Guru.

Yiannis Mukta Om is continuing his journey as the living example of the true essence of yoga. He is established in the ethical precepts, able to share all the tricks of the asana, qualified to pass on the techniques of pranayama, and able to direct the practitioner to go beyond the senses, the mind, and the intellect into deeper states of meditation and realization that he has cultivated from being by the side of Dharma for so many years.

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